Christine Sofie : Modelo Danesa de cuerpo escultural


Christine Sophie Johannsen is a model originally from Denmark. She was scouted in Copenhagen, though her career started off as anything but a straight line. Since the modeling industry adores everything overly skinny, her “straight” measurements became an issue early on. By earning her rank in the modeling world, she has now worked on campaigns including Benetton and Violeta by Mango.

The mission to create a more diverse and inclusive modeling world is Christine Sophie Johannsen’s passion. As she is neither plus-sized nor a stick figure, she seeks to innovate with every modeling opportunity she is offered. The ‘in-between’ category is rapidly becoming the trend within modeling photoshoots and runway alike. For fashion designers, new and different is always exciting, so Johannsen finds herself on the right side of innovation.

Christine Sophie Johannsen lives in New York City where she primarily models, though she does travel globally. She did horseback riding for a total of 18 years and has a love for any activity in the outdoors. Opposed to the idea of counting calories or worrying about exercise constantly, she sees a more natural future for both the health and beauty industries. Her motto is that just “being you” instead of forcing yourself to fit into categories is the most important aspect of becoming an iconic model.